Latest count: 120,074 words – 509 pages

* Write 1k Words

* Continue reaction sequel

* Two Minute Technique

  • The two minute rule by Merlin Mann is an idea that before you get to work you write whatever is on your mind for two minutes straight to get into the process of writing. Doesn’t matter what you write so long as you keep writing for two minutes. I would normally spare you of this stream of consciousness in this log as it will most likely be extremely redundant and insipid, but that’s the natural of a daily log, is it not?
  • Right now getting caught a bit with distraction and I want to refocus my attention. The past couple days since I have had some extra time to work my process of starting up is pretty slow. I also weight lifted (leg day) so I’m a bit foggy as is right now. My brain has latched onto perfecting my productivity system instead of doing actual work (Actual work is difficult), pretending to work is fun. Either way, here I am, starting up, getting the process flow.
  • Right now working on the rest of the sequel scene to the midpoint battle. The next scene I’m worried about cramming. My ‘sequel’ scenes, or reaction scenes are always instantly crammed with dialogue to cover revelations, information, and necessary progression of character motivated plot. Seems to be a bit difficult to get all the points out in a succinct way, but Ill worry more about that in the edit. My ‘scene’ scene (action scene [Got to love Dwight Swain’s naming logic]) before this sequel was 5k words. So under 5k for the sequel will set a nice quick moving pace. Anything over 5k might drag the story a bit. Luckily the following action scene is exciting.
  • Create Writing Routine as follows
    • Create Log
    • Review yesterdays writing.
    • Set 3 minute timer
    • Brain dump for 3 minute
    • Set 1 hour timer.
    • Write
    • Finish Log.
    • Upload log.

Next Steps

  • Pilot says he can’t move forward because REDACTED
  • They get out, and walk through the REDACTED
  • Set up and beat map return to Jax scene
  • Create Writing routine in ‘Things’

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