* Two Minute Rule

* Write 1k Words

* Finish Chant Revelation Scene

Had some great ideas for the writing series I am planning to undertake. Story ideas, themes, etc. My brain doesn’t want to start writing though from the ‘pantser’ strategy. I feel like my work loses meaning when there isn’t at least some preliminary direction to where I am headed. I don’t think I need to plan out every little beat, as that takes the fun out of it. I believe there should be a healthy mix of planning and writing off the cuff. Direction and exploration, thinking and feeling. One should not dominate the other.
So in order to do that, there needs to be a relatively simple planning phase where I map out at least the climax and midpoint and maybe some other major beats like plot and pinch. I can find my way in realtime after that. Onto writing now!

For clarity, when I set a goal of writing 1k words, any words I write across my manuscript or notes are counted. This is to reduce the emotional burden I feel when figuring out some complex story problems that have to be figured out before I proceed in the manuscript. As long as I am writing, I count it. I only write notes though when I’m blocked in the manuscript. However, if I have extra time (usually I only have an hour a day) I will get to the 1k words goal in the manuscript. To do this have have two word counters, one that lives in the menu bar of the Mac that tracks all words across my Mac, the other in Scrivenr that only tracks the manuscript.

I tend to have three documents open while writing. Front and center, the manuscript, to the left, this log, and to the right my notes. The log and notes each serve a purpose, dump out the problems, solve them, and get back into the manuscript. The log lets me keep writing but get out the distractions, the notes allow me to keep writing by solving dialogue or sequential issues of pacing. The less I judge myself for not writing in the manuscript, the more I actually get written in the manuscript.

Next Steps

  • Rylen uncovers REDACTED
  • It keeps calling, he realizes his REDACTED
  • Rylen attaches it, and REDACTED
  • Resume from notes


* 2 Minute Rule

* Write 1k Words

* Start writing next scene with Jax

  • Writing in the morning is a bit tough because my brain wants to go into work mode. But I also know myself enough to know that if I wait until the evening there might be so many things to tackle that I tell myself writing isn’t a priority. The issue is that can never be true unless there is something truly urgent. There is rarely something truly urgent that cannot wait, but more importantly the feeling that something is truly urgent that distracts. Then the need to solve that problem to dispel the negative energy. I want to get in the habit of moving toward that discomfort of working on something important even when I feel other things are urgent. This will help me grow in my ability to sit with pain and be uncomfortable. The trick is not judging myself when I fail.
  • As far as story goes, had some thoughts last night about where I can take this next scene. Browsing instagram last night got some inspiration reading various accounts centered around poetry. Something I definitely want my first pass over my manuscript to encompass. I want the writing to be a bit more poetic. Realism is good and all, but I live in reality, I read to escape it. On with it!

Next Steps

  • Finish scene as quick as possible to talk about the chant
  • Move onto him sleeping and being woken up by REDACTED.
  • Then REDACTED.


* Organize Story Notes

* Brainstorm three short stories

* Start mapping beats

  • No need to do the two minute rule as my brain is yearning to get into the story ideas I have.
  • It’s unreal how many notes I have. I could spend an entire work week attempting to sort my notes. I won’t get that crazy with it, but wow.
  • Brainstormed some short story ideas.
  • The reason I am brainstorming short story ideas is because I want to write a short story in the Battle Universe that I can release now, so I can start to bring people into this universe I am creative. It is a bit lonely creative it all on my own right now. My thoughts is that If I commit one day out of the 6 days I write a week, then I should be able to (soon) start writing about 1k words per week in this universe that I can release soon.
  • The idea is to release it in 1k word increments with some amazing art from Lovans, an amazing Hi5 artist.
  • This way I am still fully committed to my bigger story, and I can bring people along in the process in a way thats more immersive than this log, or other ‘teasers’ for years before I release the book.

Next Steps

  • Next Session for mini series will include committing to a story and then mapping it out.
  • Next session (tomorrow) for my main story is to continue from 12.05.TU


Latest count: 120,074 words – 509 pages

* Write 1k Words

* Continue reaction sequel

* Two Minute Technique

  • The two minute rule by Merlin Mann is an idea that before you get to work you write whatever is on your mind for two minutes straight to get into the process of writing. Doesn’t matter what you write so long as you keep writing for two minutes. I would normally spare you of this stream of consciousness in this log as it will most likely be extremely redundant and insipid, but that’s the natural of a daily log, is it not?
  • Right now getting caught a bit with distraction and I want to refocus my attention. The past couple days since I have had some extra time to work my process of starting up is pretty slow. I also weight lifted (leg day) so I’m a bit foggy as is right now. My brain has latched onto perfecting my productivity system instead of doing actual work (Actual work is difficult), pretending to work is fun. Either way, here I am, starting up, getting the process flow.
  • Right now working on the rest of the sequel scene to the midpoint battle. The next scene I’m worried about cramming. My ‘sequel’ scenes, or reaction scenes are always instantly crammed with dialogue to cover revelations, information, and necessary progression of character motivated plot. Seems to be a bit difficult to get all the points out in a succinct way, but Ill worry more about that in the edit. My ‘scene’ scene (action scene [Got to love Dwight Swain’s naming logic]) before this sequel was 5k words. So under 5k for the sequel will set a nice quick moving pace. Anything over 5k might drag the story a bit. Luckily the following action scene is exciting.
  • Create Writing Routine as follows
    • Create Log
    • Review yesterdays writing.
    • Set 3 minute timer
    • Brain dump for 3 minute
    • Set 1 hour timer.
    • Write
    • Finish Log.
    • Upload log.

Next Steps

  • Pilot says he can’t move forward because REDACTED
  • They get out, and walk through the REDACTED
  • Set up and beat map return to Jax scene
  • Create Writing routine in ‘Things’


* Write 1k Words

* Continue Battle conclusion scene

  • Listened to Tron soundtrack by Daft Punk to get into the zone.
  • Bit of a slow start today, but got it done.

Next Steps

  • Continue reaction sequel to battle scene.


* Write 500 words (Wrote 839)

* Organize End of battle scene

  • Amanda left to go for an outing, kids are asleep. Writing feels fun right now. Wouldn’t write today if it didn’t (sabbath), and wouldn’t write if she was home (mothers day).
  • Exciting to be working on death/rebirth scene (midpoint), this kind of conflict is always bigger and much more fun to write. ‘This kind of conflict’ meaning conflict in which you have large and much much more noticeable shifts in perspective for the key character. A bit difficult to sustain a cohesive and believable build up to such points as the midpoint and climax. I do wonder if this point may overshadow the climax or possibly that other points may overshadow these, but I will never know until I get some beta readers. Excited for that phase.
  • Probably overwrote. Not too worried about it. I am writing an ‘epic’. Of course I’m writing it here so I must a least be a little worried about it. Possibly worried about cutting things in the edit. But then again I don’t have any aesthetic scenes, everything is purely functional, at least with my current structure. It’s a given then why I have the fear of cutting what is necessary. I think the bigger more real fear is that I am not being as effective or efficient with how said points flow. In other words, there could be a better way to get across the information in a more succinct way. Doing my best to not limit my thinking in this stage though. Would rather process the thoughts here in this log than be a slave to them in my manuscript.

Next Steps

  • Rylen runs to the REDACTED to see REDACTED.
  • There are heavy thoughts during the run.
  • Continue with existing outline.


* Write 1K Words

– 117,296 Words
– 1 hour session

* Finish REDACTED Battle

  • Playing Spotify cinematic playlist to help bring about intensity in my thoughts.
  • Writing intense scene, filled with anger. Noticing a lot of it build up inside me. Honestly need to hit something right now to release it, but Im going to use it instead.

Next Steps

  • Rylen has a bit of a panic attack.
  • When he comes to he hears REDACTED
  • His heart sinks for REDACTED
  • Goes back into the greenroom