* Organize Story Notes

* Brainstorm three short stories

* Start mapping beats

  • No need to do the two minute rule as my brain is yearning to get into the story ideas I have.
  • It’s unreal how many notes I have. I could spend an entire work week attempting to sort my notes. I won’t get that crazy with it, but wow.
  • Brainstormed some short story ideas.
  • The reason I am brainstorming short story ideas is because I want to write a short story in the Battle Universe that I can release now, so I can start to bring people into this universe I am creative. It is a bit lonely creative it all on my own right now. My thoughts is that If I commit one day out of the 6 days I write a week, then I should be able to (soon) start writing about 1k words per week in this universe that I can release soon.
  • The idea is to release it in 1k word increments with some amazing art from Lovans, an amazing Hi5 artist.
  • This way I am still fully committed to my bigger story, and I can bring people along in the process in a way thats more immersive than this log, or other ‘teasers’ for years before I release the book.

Next Steps

  • Next Session for mini series will include committing to a story and then mapping it out.
  • Next session (tomorrow) for my main story is to continue from 12.05.TU

One thought on “13.05.WE

  1. I really like the idea of short stories to start introducing people to the universe. Just little things that might help explain part of the lore or tone of the world would be neat. Although you need to be careful that someone doesn’t have to delve into the archives to understand why it is important that a character’s uncle shows up in the third act and orders a certain drink during a scene.

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