* Write 2k words

Next Steps

  • Drift reaches up, but REDACTED
  • Rylen and Kyra fight REDACTED
  • Kyra gets REDACTED
  • Guardian REDACTED
  • Arena change is classic arena with an empty center for Rylen and REDACTED


* Write 1.5k Words

Next Steps

  • Begin with the battle, Rylen can’t keep them in REDACTED
  • How does he defeat the other team. He needs to REDACTED, and another with get REDACTED by the arena.


* Finish scene with Rylen and his new spell

* Write 1k words.

Next Steps

  • Rylen doesn’t have much luck but just a couple clues like warm ground, anger starting to swell but he is too fearful and contains it.
  • Map out beats of REDACTED
  • Then he gets angry at REDACTED it with ease in battle.


  • Finish Writing the REDACTED scene
  • Write 2k words

Next Steps

  • Rylen annoyed REDACTED is empty
  • Finds its not and REDACTED
    • Rylen wakes up from a REDACTED
  • He follows it to the REDACTED
  • Reveals the same REDACTED
  • He goes outside to REDACTED, against his judgement (staying away, getting tired)
  • Battle comes, he REDACTED
  • The REDACTED saves him from REDACTED because he’s REDACTED.


Set Up Next Major Scene Beats
Write 2000 Words
– Should they prep in some type of locker room and come to the match in regular clothes? Why do they prep at home and travel in battle gear?
– Wrote the REDACTED. Added X-Spells and how a torch works.

Next Steps

  • Finish REDACTED
  • Work on Defining main beats for next scene (learning spell)
  • Map out battle with REDACTED in more detailed structure.


Next Steps

  • They REDACTED because Rylens head isn't in the game
  • Drift says to keep is head out of the clouds and in battle instead of the raeth (hes forgetting its power)
  • Rylen tries to REDACTEDjust move the scene)
  • the REDACTED so he turns to the REDACTED in the last minute
  • special scene with the REDACTED somehow signifying the REDACTED


  • Need to fix first half of second act
    • They need to be searching and discovering clues
    • REDACTED to be making more noise out in the galaxy
      • Privately looking (what does this mean?)
      • Stumbling! Not privately looking, active search relegated to second half after midpoint.
  • Wrote 2k Words