• Remember to write process for writing each chapter/act
    • Go through General Notes.
    • Go through ACT notes.
    • Go through plot point notes.
    • Go through beats.
    • Import all new beats
      ➤ Add tags to header
      ➤ Import Raeth Notes
      ➤ Import Christian Themes
      ➤ Import Desk notes


Continuing organization of existing beats. This is a chore and more work than I anticipated but worth it in the long haul because Im not really writing 'just one book'.

  • In search you dont have to tag everything you can just search the word if needed. Only tag if the word isnt inherent.
  • Finished Org existing notes.
    ➤ Import and organize new dynalist beats (BUN02)


  • Forgot to add beat structure to other books.
    • Finished
  • Need identifier tags for quick sorting of existing beats
    • Book 1, ACT 2, Pinch 1 = B1A2PI1
  • Set all Tags for series
    • Finished B1
      ➤ Organize writing beats notes in general
      ➤ Add identifier to headers to quickly transfer notes and events