Hello everyone! You may notice I havent written in a while! That is due to a shift in priorities at Hi5 studios. The corona virus has de-stabilized us and were working to stabilize our company this quarter (next three months). After that, I will re-assess and hopefully resume my writing journey! Love you all!


– Write 1k Words

Wrote more of the same scene. My scenes are kind of long and they are filled with a lot of dialogue but I do believe its necessary based on the mystery afoot. It's an enormous mystery with so many questions that need to be answered along the way. I honestly wonder if they are long enough sometimes to make sure readers aren't too much in the dark.
Listen to a master class yesterday that might help with the idea of longer scenes. Dan Brown talked about the nature of location and how it can do the 'heavy lifting'. In other words a scene in the right place adds tension that wouldn't be there otherwise, something for me to think about to keep the scenes moving that are more 'talking heads'.


– Write 1k Words

Had fun writing this morning. I enjoy writing the sequel reaction scenes where characters converse about clues. Something cozy about it. There are a healthy amount of those moments in this book, possibly too many.


– Write 1k Words

Bit of a tough week writing. Doing my best to avoid burnout coming back to work, so many emotions in the world what with the movement and all, and honestly a sleep schedule that needs to be rectified. Trying to get back on track here without burning out. Back in it today.


– Write 500 Words

  • Writing next reaction scene, after this next reaction scene I am starting ACT 2B! Excited to be pushing into the more proactive steps for the hero.


– Write 1k Words

  • Finished that difficult scene, onto the next!
  • This next scene is action packed with conflict so It is going to be a joy to write.
  • Also introducing new characters!