* Two Minute Rule

* Write 1k Words

* Finish Chant Revelation Scene

Had some great ideas for the writing series I am planning to undertake. Story ideas, themes, etc. My brain doesn’t want to start writing though from the ‘pantser’ strategy. I feel like my work loses meaning when there isn’t at least some preliminary direction to where I am headed. I don’t think I need to plan out every little beat, as that takes the fun out of it. I believe there should be a healthy mix of planning and writing off the cuff. Direction and exploration, thinking and feeling. One should not dominate the other.
So in order to do that, there needs to be a relatively simple planning phase where I map out at least the climax and midpoint and maybe some other major beats like plot and pinch. I can find my way in realtime after that. Onto writing now!

For clarity, when I set a goal of writing 1k words, any words I write across my manuscript or notes are counted. This is to reduce the emotional burden I feel when figuring out some complex story problems that have to be figured out before I proceed in the manuscript. As long as I am writing, I count it. I only write notes though when I’m blocked in the manuscript. However, if I have extra time (usually I only have an hour a day) I will get to the 1k words goal in the manuscript. To do this have have two word counters, one that lives in the menu bar of the Mac that tracks all words across my Mac, the other in Scrivenr that only tracks the manuscript.

I tend to have three documents open while writing. Front and center, the manuscript, to the left, this log, and to the right my notes. The log and notes each serve a purpose, dump out the problems, solve them, and get back into the manuscript. The log lets me keep writing but get out the distractions, the notes allow me to keep writing by solving dialogue or sequential issues of pacing. The less I judge myself for not writing in the manuscript, the more I actually get written in the manuscript.

Next Steps

  • Rylen uncovers REDACTED
  • It keeps calling, he realizes his REDACTED
  • Rylen attaches it, and REDACTED
  • Resume from notes

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