* 2 Minute Rule

* Write 1k Words

* Start writing next scene with Jax

  • Writing in the morning is a bit tough because my brain wants to go into work mode. But I also know myself enough to know that if I wait until the evening there might be so many things to tackle that I tell myself writing isn’t a priority. The issue is that can never be true unless there is something truly urgent. There is rarely something truly urgent that cannot wait, but more importantly the feeling that something is truly urgent that distracts. Then the need to solve that problem to dispel the negative energy. I want to get in the habit of moving toward that discomfort of working on something important even when I feel other things are urgent. This will help me grow in my ability to sit with pain and be uncomfortable. The trick is not judging myself when I fail.
  • As far as story goes, had some thoughts last night about where I can take this next scene. Browsing instagram last night got some inspiration reading various accounts centered around poetry. Something I definitely want my first pass over my manuscript to encompass. I want the writing to be a bit more poetic. Realism is good and all, but I live in reality, I read to escape it. On with it!

Next Steps

  • Finish scene as quick as possible to talk about the chant
  • Move onto him sleeping and being woken up by REDACTED.
  • Then REDACTED.

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