* Write 500 words (Wrote 839)

* Organize End of battle scene

  • Amanda left to go for an outing, kids are asleep. Writing feels fun right now. Wouldn’t write today if it didn’t (sabbath), and wouldn’t write if she was home (mothers day).
  • Exciting to be working on death/rebirth scene (midpoint), this kind of conflict is always bigger and much more fun to write. ‘This kind of conflict’ meaning conflict in which you have large and much much more noticeable shifts in perspective for the key character. A bit difficult to sustain a cohesive and believable build up to such points as the midpoint and climax. I do wonder if this point may overshadow the climax or possibly that other points may overshadow these, but I will never know until I get some beta readers. Excited for that phase.
  • Probably overwrote. Not too worried about it. I am writing an ‘epic’. Of course I’m writing it here so I must a least be a little worried about it. Possibly worried about cutting things in the edit. But then again I don’t have any aesthetic scenes, everything is purely functional, at least with my current structure. It’s a given then why I have the fear of cutting what is necessary. I think the bigger more real fear is that I am not being as effective or efficient with how said points flow. In other words, there could be a better way to get across the information in a more succinct way. Doing my best to not limit my thinking in this stage though. Would rather process the thoughts here in this log than be a slave to them in my manuscript.

Next Steps

  • Rylen runs to the REDACTED to see REDACTED.
  • There are heavy thoughts during the run.
  • Continue with existing outline.

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